Self-Storage: A Guide For The Lighthearted

Oh, self-storage. When our houses are overflowing, we head to mini storage prices. It’s a little like going on vacation, except that your stuff won’t receive postcards. Find out what is going on in this strange, bizarre world.

A storage space can be compared to dating. Choose a storage space that’s near enough for you not to feel like you are going on a road trip. But, it shouldn’t be so close you feel you are visiting your grandmother. As with dating, looks are very important. You wouldn’t simply store your collection of comic books anywhere. You need to find a dry, clean place that does not look like something out of a horror flick.

Let’s discuss climate control. You don’t have to be fancy; you just need to prevent your vinyl record from melting, or your antique furniture becoming home for a moldy family. You should pay extra to ensure that items which are susceptible to damage by temperature fluctuations can be stored in climate-controlled storage. Consider it as insurance for all your belongings.

Wow, security is a big deal! This is an important one. You want to feel secure knowing that your high-school yearbook is protected, right. It’s important to choose a place with good lighting and security cameras everywhere. Bonus points are given if there is security or even an intimidating cat.

Sustainability is the key. Yeah, you heard me right. How green can we get with all these boxes scattered around the town (or outside of it)? On some roofs solar panels are installed, and LED lights in the corridors. On Fridays, these corridors tend to be empty because nobody is there.

The reason we are here is important. We are often thrown curveballs in the form of tape by life. If you are moving (again), or expecting a new child, the spare room in your home (aka “your personal museum”) needs to get cleaned. You can relax when you’re facing those “Oh no!” moments. When we’re faced with those “Oh, no! Where did I put that?” moments.

Storage units can be very flexible for those who don’t think inside the box. I’m referring to musicians who are looking for a space where they can practice quietly without disturbing neighbors, and artists who need a place to paint or create.

This is a fascinating look at the world of self storage. Memories are stored there until we decide to retrieve them or make more room. Treat your items as though they are on vacation. Hey, maybe you should stop in occasionally. They may miss you.

The fact that I do not like abrupt ends may cause us to rent a storage unit. The decision was made out of a combination of sentimentality and practicality. These metal-guarded jewels serve as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of life. Sometimes, holding onto something means letting it go…into a storage. Bring them to action.

Remember that your inflatable dinosaur costume can be stored in self-storage for as long as you want. You can share photos of Mr. Whiskers newest antics. You’ll be successful once you become comfortable with these basics.